How To Upgrade Your Home Security

Given that your home is one of the largest investments you will make, it is only natural that you protect it with the best that the security industry offers. After all, you would want to protect your loved ones from malicious individuals and acts of God. The extract below offers a few tips on how you can improve your home security. 

Hire A Security Guard Service

Most homeowners rely on modern technology and forget an essential aspect of home security systems — the security guard. Why would you need a security guard? Below are some reasons: 

  • Security guards will patrol your premises to identify vulnerabilities that could expose you to attacks.
  • The guards will set up and maintain the various security devices in your home.
  • In case of an incident, the guards will neutralise the threats.
  • The guards will vet everyone accessing your premises. In such a way, you do not need to contact everyone entering your home.
  • The guards can help deter theft. Most thieves will shy away from a guarded property since they are no match to the guards. 

Once you hire a security guard, the security company could also offer complementary services such as monitoring your home alarm or responding to burglary events. 

Consider IP CCTV

IP CCTV cameras have wireless connection capabilities. As such, you can connect them to your devices such as a mobile phone, tablet or PC. This function enables you to watch a live feed from your CCTV cameras. Advanced cameras will also allow you to adjust the CCTV settings. For example, you could change the camera angle or increase its zoom. The system can also be set to alert you once it detects an intruder. 

Consider Smart Technologies

There are several smart technologies you can use to upgrade your home security. For example, you could use high-quality CCTV cameras with face detection or number plate detection technology. Once the cameras identify a familiar face or plate (those fed into the system), they will send a signal to the automatic gate opener to open the gate. If the person at the gate does not have access to the property, they can communicate to you via an intercom inside the CCTV. Depending on their need, you could either let them in or lock them out of your home. You should also consider smart motion sensors. It is especially so if you have small kids or pets. These sensors will not go off when tripped by a child or a pet. 

Upgrade your home security by investing in guard services, using IP CCTVs and considering smart technologies. Contact a local home security service to get more tips.