Features to Consider When Buying a New Security Screen Door for Your Home

A security screen door adds a layer of security to your home as it can be very difficult for an intruder to get it open in order to access the inside door. It also allows you to keep that inside door open during the day without compromising your security.

However, not all security screens are alike, and you need to consider all the features they offer before making a purchase. You want this screen door to work for your needs and last for years, so note the following:f

1. Mesh of screen

In areas with high humidity, you may need to keep mosquitoes out of your house. In other areas, you may need to keep out scorpions, gecko lizards, small snakes, flies, and other such pests. In any of these cases, note the mesh of the screen and how tightly woven it is; choose a weave that will work to block out pests that are common on your property.

A mesh with a very loose weave may not keep out mosquitoes and flies or even gecko lizards, so be sure you choose something that will keep your home secure from more than just potential thieves and intruders.

2. Mounting installation

Flush-mounted installation means the screen door will sit inside the frame itself and be flush with the outer wall of your home. Tube mounted installation refers to tubes that act as hinges; the door may jut out slightly from the frame and not fit as securely.

In many cases, the tube frame installation will be cheaper and the flush-mounted installation may mean the need for a new frame to be installed with the door. However, the flush-mounted door may look better and the new frame may be more durable than your current frame.

3. Paint versus powder-coating

Powder-coating refers to a color that is applied to the metal of a security door in powder form typically through an electrostatic method. This type of coating is often more durable in direct sunlight and holds up better against snow and moisture.

If the entryway to your home will face direct, harsh sunlight or if your area has long, heavy winters with heavy snow or strong storms during summertime, then you may want to forego painting and choose powder-coating. This can mean less risk of having the coating peel away or fade over time. Powder-coating may be more expensive but you may need to refinish your door less often over time.