Why CCTV Remains King Of Home Security

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and every industry is trying to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. The security industry is not excluded from this and there have been amazing leaps forward in home and business security within the last decade or so. However, unlike in other industries, many of these advancements have been in technology that already exists rather than in inventing new technology. That is why the CCTV system has managed to be updated and stay relevant as the premiere defence system against intruders in your house.

How to Deal with Pet False Alarms on Home Security Systems

The sensors that detect movement on your home's alarm system are there to make you feel safe and to protect your property. They give you a great sense of security. However, they can also give you a few headaches if you have pets. For example, cats and dogs can both trigger motion sensors setting off false alarms on a regular basis. This can be irritating enough for you but spare a thought for your poor neighbours who may end up cross as a frog in a sock if they must listen to regular false alarms when you're not at home and your pet has danced the fandango in front of a sensor.

Privacy and Protection: the Legality of Your CCTV Security System

For many property owners, whether private or commercial, CCTV is now a necessary installation to maintain safety and security. Acting as both a deterrent to crime and an assistant in solving it where it occurs, these security systems come in many different forms and many different price ranges so that almost anybody who wishes to use one has an option to suit them. But in an age when everybody has access to these recording devices, what happens to the privacy of the subjects of those recordings?

Sniffing Out Trouble: The Benefits Of Hiring Bomb Detection Dogs For Your Next Music Event

The danger posed by terrorist bombs planted at public events seems to grow every year, and recent events have shown that music festivals, concerts and other musical events are prime targets for the more deranged sections of society. As such, protecting your events against smuggled explosive devices is more important than ever, and a variety of methods are used by event organisers to guard against this hidden danger. Bomb detection dogs may be one of the oldest bomb detection methods used, but that hasn't dulled the effectiveness of these hairy protectors.

Security Doors: Why AS5039 Is the Magic Number

Choosing a security door for your home can be difficult. There are so many variations when it comes to price, and unsurprisingly, price can be a clear indicator of a door's strength and subsequent efficiency when it comes to protecting your home. Fortunately, there's an easy way to choose a truly secure door. All you need to do is choose from one of the many doors that have been awarded the AS5039 code.