Two suggestions for hotel owners who want to get CCTV systems for their premises

If you would like to utilise CCTV technology to make your hotel safer for both your guests and employees, you might find these suggestions helpful.

Make sure that the CCTV cameras are not unnecessarily intrusive

When the security company sends their installation team to your hotel to install the CCTV system, you'll need to show them which spots you want to place the cameras in. It is vital to ensure that the cameras are not placed in areas where they might invade your guests' privacy. For example, when choosing locations for the cameras in the hotel's hallways, you should ensure that they aren't pointed directly at your hotel rooms' doors.

The reason for this is as follows; if a security camera is pointed at the door of an occupied room and the guest inside it opens their door to, for example, accept their room service order, then the camera might capture footage of the inside of their room. If for instance, their partially-dressed partner is walking around in the background when this happens, they might not be too happy to learn that this image was captured on camera. They may even file a complaint about your hotel regarding this invasion of their privacy. The unflattering publicity that this complaint could attract could make your hotel far less popular than it previously was.

Update your website and hotel brochures

It's also sensible to update both your hotel's website and any marketing brochures to reflect the improvements you have made to your premises' security system. When doing this, you should specifically state that you now have CCTV cameras on your premises. The reasons for this are as follows; firstly, doing this could make your hotel more popular, as people generally prefer to stay in hotels which prioritise security.

Secondly, it will let potential guests know that they will be recorded whilst they use the communal areas of your hotel. Whilst CCTV systems are commonplace nowadays, it is still courteous to give people who are considering booking rooms at your hotel a heads-up that you use this security technology, as this will enable them to decide if they want to stay in accommodation that is monitored in this manner.

Thirdly, knowing that they are being recorded whilst they're in the hotel's communal areas may make your more rowdy or mischievous guests behave a bit better and may reduce the chances of them causing incidents that your hotel staff then have to deal with or that you have to pay to resolve.

Interested in getting a CCTV system? Then reach out to a local security company.