Sniffing Out Trouble: The Benefits Of Hiring Bomb Detection Dogs For Your Next Music Event

The danger posed by terrorist bombs planted at public events seems to grow every year, and recent events have shown that music festivals, concerts and other musical events are prime targets for the more deranged sections of society. As such, protecting your events against smuggled explosive devices is more important than ever, and a variety of methods are used by event organisers to guard against this hidden danger.

Bomb detection dogs may be one of the oldest bomb detection methods used, but that hasn't dulled the effectiveness of these hairy protectors. Hiring bomb detection dogs to screen music lovers and festival goers can have numerous benefits over other bomb detection methods:

Highly effective

Bomb detection dogs are trained over many years to sniff out any and all forms of explosive material, and their incredible sensitive noses are capable of uncovering even the most minuscule pieces of explosive matter. Dogs have exponentially more scent receptors in their noses than humans, and are capable of a level of accuracy and sensitivity that rivals and even surpasses the most modern electronic explosive detection methods.


Another remarkable feature of the sniffer dog's nose is its ability to discern dangerous scents from benign ones, even when the benign scent is vastly more powerful. This prevents ne'er-do-wells from masking the scents of their explosives using other pungent materials, such as vapour rubs and aromatic oils.


While the vast majority of your attendees will submit to human inspection for explosive devices without complaint, being scanned and frisked by an unfamiliar human bristling with esoteric electronic equipment can be an intimidating and uncomfortable experience.

Dealing with a sniffer dog, on the other hand, is generally a much more pleasant experience; the dogs are trained in non-invasive sniffing techniques and make minimal physical contact with attendees and their belongings, and only bark when suspicious materials are detected. It also helps that the dog breeds most suited to sniffer dog duties happen to be the most friendly and non-threatening breeds; Beagles, Labradors and Cocker Spaniels all make fine detection dogs, and detection dog services will generally let you pick the breeds they bring to service your event.

Handlers on standby

The actual bomb detection may not be conducted by humans, but your detection dogs will always be accompanied by highly trained and professional human handlers to help keep them focused on their task. These handlers are trained in security techniques themselves, and help maintain oversight of security checkpoints in a passive manner that does not intimidate your attendees. Having a human handler close by can also be reassuring for attendees who are afraid of dogs.