Why CCTV Remains King Of Home Security

Technology is moving at a rapid pace and every industry is trying to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. The security industry is not excluded from this and there have been amazing leaps forward in home and business security within the last decade or so. However, unlike in other industries, many of these advancements have been in technology that already exists rather than in inventing new technology. That is why the CCTV system has managed to be updated and stay relevant as the premiere defence system against intruders in your house.

What Is A CCTV System?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television, which is a technology that has been implemented since cameras have been commercially available. Basically, it is the use of cameras strategically placed around a property that transmit their feed securely to a designated set of computers. Unlike in regular public television, closed-circuit television does not allow random receivers to access their feed. Instead, it is directly connected to a computer system that you can control. 

How Has CCTV Advanced?

CCTV has continued to remain relevant because it updates itself with every passing year. Many people are familiar with the idea of CCTV systems from Hollywood films that feature grainy footage that is easily hackable. In reality, CCTV cameras can broadcast in high definition with encrypted signals that make them very resistant to any hacking attempts. Modern CCTV cameras also have a range of options and features that seem like they are from the future, including the following:

  • Motion detection: if something is spotted moving on the camera, you can program the computer to send you an alert
  • Night vision: CCTV cameras can come with night vision or you can have specially designed cameras specifically for night vision
  • Built-in audio: unlike the CCTV systems in the movies, modern CCTV systems come with audio that can help identify potential intruders much more easily
  • Smartphone compatibility: some CCTV systems come with smartphone accessibility, meaning you can check on your cameras from anywhere you can use a smartphone


The most important part of getting a CCTV system is installing it in the correct place that allows the best field of vision. This is where getting an expert in surveillance systems really matters, as they will be able to provide guidance on where and how to mount the CCTV cameras. Getting an expert in will also allow you to discuss what camera systems you should be looking at and which brands are overrated. Talk to your local security store expert and sleep soundly at night knowing you are being watched by the best and latest technology in home security. 

For more information on CCTV, contact a security company.