Five Things to Consider When Hiring Personal Protection Services for Your Church, Synagogue, Mosque or Other Place of Worship

Violence at churches, synagogues, mosques and other religious gathering places is not impossible, unfortunately, and if you want to ensure your congregation is safe, you may want to hire protection services. To ensure you hire the right person for your needs, here's what to consider: 1. Risk of violence or crime at your place of worship In some cases, your place of worship may be at greater risk of violence or crime due to the religious, social or political climate at the moment.

Features to Consider When Buying a New Security Screen Door for Your Home

A security screen door adds a layer of security to your home as it can be very difficult for an intruder to get it open in order to access the inside door. It also allows you to keep that inside door open during the day without compromising your security. However, not all security screens are alike, and you need to consider all the features they offer before making a purchase. You want this screen door to work for your needs and last for years, so note the following:f